Thursday, January 31, 2013

Client Progress: Vik

At the time of this photo, I have been training Vik for five months. His enthusiasm and upbeat attitude have made him a pleasure to work with. We have been working toward improving all fitness components simultaneously. As you can see from his photos his body composition and posture have improved significantly. We have also seen great improvements in muscular strength, flexibility, and cordiovascular endurance. When we first began interval training to improve his running, he could run about two blocks before having to rest. He is now ready to run his first 5k, which will be in May. The key for Vik has been finding a routine that strikes a balance between being manageable enough to fit into an already busy life and still effecting consistent results. We are both very pleased with his success and I am very excited to see where he will be five more months down the road.

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